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Winter nights and starlit skies
A velvet light adorned your eyes
That twinkle then somehow let go
Now too far gone, like last years snow
Somewhere in the distance
I saw you turn away
You're eyes were cold, they had lost their glow
Cold as December snow
And the morning light
Will never come to life
I close my eyes for one last time
In the dead of night
Under the pale star light
I'll lay to rest until all stars alight
Closing doors, a faded dream
These inner wars eternally
You speak to me from a waning star
These arcane words from so afar
Far beyond existence
Where darkness rules each day
You closed the door on what was before
Then returned here nevermore
Ton regard d'or et d'ambre,
Alors que tu partais, s'est détourné de moi
L'ont alors remlplacé, des yeux vides et froids
Glaçés comme tombait la neige de Décembre

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