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Beneath the Midnight Sun - text

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Wander on and far beyond
Through all these dreams undone
I falter on through oblivion
Into delirium
Gaze into the eyes of death
I draw my last breath
I yearn for thee, my destiny
It's all been foreseen
Can't you see
The world is coming down on me
Ruination bound to be
Can't you feel
There's no more spirit left in me
It passed away eventually
Hear the melody of destiny as silence screams at me
Fall into the arms of death
All my days been spent
Here at the end, won't comprehend
No remorse, nor repent
All that was, now on the wane
Down to the last remains
All said and done, all passed on
Beneath the midnight sun
Alight, I hold the night, so deep inside
I can not sleep, can't dream

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