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Trust Your Gut - text


I can’t believe my eyes
I’m wondering ‘how the hell did we get here?’
I should have known you were up to something, but I ignored my gut and we’ve been stuck in this rut since
I never thought you’d go that low
And what makes it worse is we were so close
How can you expect to disrespect me and think we’re shaking hands?
You better think again

I thought you knew me better than that
When lies and doubt are all surrounding, I cut all ties
It’s overwhelming
You’re a ghost in my heart now and I’ve given all I can
Until we meet again

I tried but I don’t think that i can get past this
No, i can’t let this go
All you seem to think about are second chances
You can’t even own up to the things that you do
And now you’re blowing up my phone, ‘cause it’s been two weeks since we had last spoke
This is all your fault and you know it’s true
I’m just over you
I love you, but fuck you

I trusted you and you showed me your true colors
If an eye for an eye makes the world go blind, then we’re about to be some blind motherfuckers

I trusted you

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Video přidal Pennywise

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