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Take This To Heart - text


I always seem to let myself get wrapped up in the things that let me down
It’s a force of habit
I’ve got too much faith in this fucking town
But i like to think that it’s good for something, I just haven’t found it yet
Because this always happens
I’ve got a tired conscience saying not to hold my breath
Take this to heart, we’ve been a problem from the start
Be ready for a letdown

We’ll light it up in flames and burn it down
Just do all of you can see we’re leaving town
If you have something to say then scream it loud
Because every day your time is running out

I was never one to follow
I made my own way through the dark days
The truth is hard to swallow
I hope you choke on all of your worthless talking
Now is the time to prove them wrong
I’ve been true to myself all along
I’ll shut them all up with this song
Forget about the past we’re moving on

Text přidal Pennywise

Video přidal Pennywise

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