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Second Chances - text


I remember way back in the day
When I was just a young boy
I was so naive
I had a big heart full of nothing but love, but it didn't take long for the world to fuck me up
I learned real quick that you can't turn your back to anyone
And it's always the closest ones
Taking advantage, leaving you with damage done

I used to know forgiveness
A lot’s changed with me and since then

I've always kept my circle small
If you let me down I'll write you off
You better come correct with your intentions
‘cause I don't fuck with second chances
Honestly it's sickening and in the end
I'll never know why
Loyalty is so hard to come by
Believe you me, it's hard to come by
Prove your worth through first impressions
Like I said, I don't fuck with second chances

I could never forget the name or the face of a man that crosses me
I’ve got a list you don't want to be on
No sympathy
The grudge is life- long
Some people really think that they can fuck with anyone
That's not the case here, son
There's consequences
For every action done
I have a real hard time letting things go
I don't let go

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