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Out Of Here - text


Drowning ‘cause the waters’ always over my head
What’d you expect? This is a city where it’s sink or swim
I get it, I’ll admit these kids were never my friends
They’ve got a hold on my past
And it’s enough to make me sick
I’m just trying to leave my mark and make it stick
I’ve got a heart inside my chest that beats for this
This time I’m gonna do what’s best to try to cling to the good and separate from the rest
This is the last time I’ll ever give you a chance, ‘cause I’ve given everything i can for this shit

If we ever make it out of here, I’m gonna carry with me, this past year
I took a picture so there’s no pretending
I’ve got my friends right beside me, take a look where you’re standing
And you know we never slowed this down and just looked away
You’ve gotta change yourself before I let you tel me anything

Don’t overstep and we’ll be good
Don’t make it sound like we were down if we never were
Just breathe, let this whole thing pass
I bend over backward every day to make this last
I’ve been bending over backward every day to make this last
Breaking my back

Pushing and I never stopped
I’ve got fool-proof plan and my fingers crossed
I’m pushing and I’ll never stop again

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