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Nail Biter - text


I used to lay awake at night and question what my purpose is
I’ve never had my fingernails
I’ve always been a nervous kid
I’m unhappy and I’m sure of it
I’m never gonna change
I barely scratch the surface when I pace the halls to clear my thoughts away

I’m not okay and I’m starting to learn it in the hardest ways
I’ve lost control of everything I’ve ever had ahold of
I’m letting go and I’m rid of the notion that I’ll make it out
It feels so far now
Holding on by losing my grip
I guess it’s something I should learn to live with

I’m hoping it resolves itself and I’ve been waiting patiently
I drink myself to sleep because I hate the pills my doctor gave me
I am just a mess
Submissive to the stress
My mind feels like it’s on a loop, I panic from the pressure in my head
Don’t get to close to me
I’m about to go
I’m about to break
We’re only seconds away

I’ve gotta keep it together
I am losing my way
I’ve gotta try to get better before i lose what’s left of me

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