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Times wastin, I told em
That I'm not getting any younger
We're wasted and so dumb
Won't waste our days like they want us to

I see the way you look at me, perceived the gaze that's in your eyes
I've never been judged at that speed
Where do you think you get off placing me down below
Where you keep your insecurities
I wanna know
When will they know, when will they learn

When will they learn this is how I live
I treat my life like a goddamned gift
I choose not to waste it and
I wouldn't be caught dead in a shirt and tie
Trapped behind some desk, wasting all my time
I'd Never Be that guy
You'll never catch me in line

Blessed with the sense to do what I need to you will not get in my way
I'm looking back now you're in my rear view and that's where you'll stay for placing me
Down below where you keep your insecurities
I wanna know when will they know
When will they learn

I'd rather be stuck out on the streets than ever pay the price of giving up my dreams
The cost of livings' not what you think you better never give up on the way you breathe

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