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Shroud of Misery - text


I've sailed the oceans and the burning seas
I've lived a thousand lives and your fate is my destiny
A cold dark silence, deep within I grow
A haunting spirit that will never let me go

I've crossed the land the earth and sea
I bring the shroud of misery

A thousand visions that were seen by few
I've held the secrets but I knew they were never true
The walls of hatred were built in my name
I raised the temples then I watched them burn in flames

I've crossed the land the earth and sea
I am what is and what shall be
And your evil world is all I see
I wear the shroud of misery

I am the dark shadow, who hides in the night
My deeds go unspoken, the taker of life

I speak for the weary, I lie for the few
I am the oppressor, I stand for what's true

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