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March of the Damned - text


By the mark of the black footed crow
March the damned who have rose from below
We're the ones that you drove from this place
Now we've risen to serve out our fate

See us march under winter's moon
Heed the call of impending doom
When the bell strikes you'll feel the fear
When the night falls you'll know we're near

Feel the winds blow their vengeance for thee
Curse the ones that would not set us free
As we storm to attack your last gate
Feel the wrath of the dead and our hate

As we marched into the battle of our destiny
Time has not forsaken those who have died upon your seas
From the ash of burning flames from hell we shall arise
For evil now to serve its curse by our sword you must die

You must die
For your lies
It shall be
That we are free
Now we are free

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