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Stop, rephrase all those words
cause I've never seen such ignorance on anyone's face
Wallowed in the filthy air and the demons gently fill the void in my eyes
Barricade myself with beautiful lies
Flawed and broken till the end
Sustained like an endless condescend
Maybe we're better off if we just pretend that these words weren't spoken
Stop, reclaim all those words,
cause they're beating me up and scattered all over the place
Wallowed in the pristine air and the demons gently fill the void in my head
Fabricate every word I've said
When the heart cannot steer
Seduced to interfere
With no restraints we play the selfish whore
Drowned by the passion and thirsty for some more
So don't tell me lies to try to placate the soul
Remove my fucking conscience and cleanse me of my thoughts
Drowned by passion and choking on the mold
So who is responsible for breaking away from these strings
Was it worth the trouble a lonely tin can on an empty highway
Running from choices with no hope, no sense of purpose
No time to decide
With the sultry eyes and the pure ivory skin, the demon
Gently fills the void in my arms with something precious and something warm
If it's all just for show
Then let it go

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