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I never said I wanted this
This useless thing called life is fucken full of shit
I can't decide if I should die
Or contemplate the sins
I've seen within the signs
I've tried to see, something in me
Something that tells me what my future paths will bring
But of the paths that I seek
They all show me that my life is not what it seems
One day closer
No more ever
When evil calls
And makes a stand
I will be there to hold up my bloodied hands
And when I kill I'll satisfy
My eagerness for death then shall be put aside
I hate you, and your kind
Your senseless way of life is fucken worse than mine
Your not immortal, and know you this
Just one day closer then your life will not exist
The time is near, your final breath
And soon you'll know what life will be like after death
Your lifeless eyes, they stare at me
You should be grateful that I let your soul go free
I have to make the most of this
This sickness that I have that only death can fix
I'm not immortal, and I know this
Just one day closer then my life will not exist

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