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Please don't think me a lazy man
Because I've been sitting around all day with the blues
I know how it looks but don't misunderstand
It's just that I can tell a storm's about to brew
Cause there's thunder inside my mind
There's lightning behind these eyes
There's a lull and the wind is dying down
Don't let it fool you the storm ain't done
Flood waters rolling in and my hearts gonna drown
Our love wilted like a flower that ain't got enough sun
Well the thunder in my head might go away
And the river of pain will flow back to the sea
If you would only come back home to stay
It'd bring a stop to the rain and happiness to me
Well if you would just come back I'd be so grateful
And the storm would be over
The world wouldn't seem so mean and hateful
And I'd lay you down on a bed of yellow clover

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High Top Mountain


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