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Well they say you live & learn but it really seems more to me
Like all along I've been learning how to live
Well for years I been drifting like a boat lost out at sea
I've been out walking them ties on the railroad of sin
Looking back on my life now at some of the things I done
Makes me wanna hang my head in shame
I was a no good, no account, low down heartbreaker
On that railroad of sin I was a highballing train
I'm just a poor boy had to beg, steal, & borrow
Just a leaf blowing lonesome in the wind
I'm just a hitchhiker on that old highway of sorrow
Just a highballing train on that railroad of sin
Well you won't feel it and you won't hear it coming
Cause when she's rolling slow it don't make a sound
But I got that throttle to ten on the railroad of sin
I'm coming off of the rails and I can't slow it down

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High Top Mountain


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