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The night for landscape, a stroke of fate
That turned me into an undead

No way to sedate, this hunger yet
I can't fight against it, there's no way to sate it

Chorus :
You're right to disquiet
You're the next I'll infect
I don't care about your arguments
There's no way to escape
Oh cry, shout, I'll eat you alive
Nothing will save you from my attack.

Hell for playmate, tempting concept
Disguised damnation in a passion flame

No way to sedate, this anger yet
I can't fight against it, I need to disseminate it


Burnt houses, bloody bones and corpses on TV
are the only things that your eyes all around have ever seen
I bring you Truth, Eternity
Let me dive my tainted fangs into your arteries


Text přidal b-a-s-t-i

Videa přidal libormilian

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