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Milwaukee man led a fairly decent life
Made a fairly decent living
Had a fairly decent wife
She killed him - sushi knife
Now they’re shopping
For a fairly decent afterlife

The werewolf is coming

The fact is most obits are mixed reviews
Life is a lottery
A lot of people lose
And the winners, the grinners
With money-colored eyes
Eat all the nuggets
Then they order extra fries

The werewolf is coming
The werewolf is coming, you know
The werewolf’s coming
The werewolf’s coming
Yes, the werewolf is coming, Joe
I hear her howling
Prowling on the hill
The werewolf’s coming, Bill

Ignorance and arrogance
The national debate
Put the fight in Vegas
That’s a billion-dollar gate
Revenue: Pay-per-view
Should be pretty healthy
The usual deductions
Then it all goes to the wealthy

Still the werewolf’s coming
Yeah, the werewolf’s coming

I’m not complaining
Just the opposite, my friend
I know it’s raining
But we’re coming to the end of the rainbow
The lying and the spying are through
Oh! You don’t know me?
O.K. I don’t know you, too

The werewolf’s coming
Werewolf’s coming, oh
The werewolf’s coming
And a werewolf’s coming
The werewolf is coming, Joe
I hear her howling
Prowling on the hill
The werewolf’s coming, Bill

You’d better stock up on water
Canned-goods off the shelves
And loot some for the old folks
Can’t loot for themselves
The doorbell’s ringing
Could be the elves
But it’s probably the werewolf
It’s quarter to twelve

And when it’s midnight
And the wolf bites
It’s a full moon
She really got the appetite

The werewolf’s coming
The werewolf
The werewolf

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