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And He Skinned Them Both - text

In the jungle of the mighty lion
His Majesty to cool his hide
Lay on the stone floor deep in a cave to quell the sting of day

The serpeant sly, not far behind
Beyond the cool, a clever find
A cave so dark and empty
Surely no one would suspect his entry

The clever snake, though slithered quiet
Awoke the jaws, that woke the lion
And both were trapped between the teeth
Of hide collectors steel machine

The poachers light crept up inside
And him to claim his precious hides
I'll skin your coat and pick your bones
And trade them for their weight in gold
Snake your skin will grace my stroll
May God welcome both of your souls

May death reveal the divine

The Jungle is my home
Said the lion on his toes
But if you let me go
Yours is the kingdom and the throne
But his stare was stone solid
Then the serpeant spoke
I am the devil, You cannot resist me
Knowing and clever, Heaven if you kiss me

But the lion's throne
And the serpeants gift to know
Were no match for gold
And he skinned them both

I'm the collector, You cannot persist me

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