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yes, you're the king of maggots
I don't want to be like, I'll never be like you
you're not invited, stay out of the conversation
this is not an experiment of social isolation
don't make me say "fuck off"
my cat, my bats, my caps, my hats
my car I mean a car I wish to have someday in the future
means nothing to me
it's hard to explain with words, but if try.
"I don't want to be like you."
stop doing stupid things
I am ready to check the king
you better stay outta the ring like Jerry Lawler
of course I'll defeat you
may the force be with you
I want to get back,
want to get back to the place where you can't find out
leave me alone, you know I don't need you
stay where you belong, we know what we do
your dis is like a glass of piss
hope you die after you know the taste of a kiss
just because you're the king of maggots
you should know this is not the point of this song and this album
forget about any useless business wisdom
you gotta remove something stuck in your brain
aren't you afraid of going insane?
I'll never be like you
repeat you're the king
the king of maggots

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