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When it's snowing
In December
When I remember
How it used to be
I could smell
My mama's cooking
While Dad
Was outside
Looking for
A Christmas tree
Christmas time
In summer
Is the way
It is down under
But the mood's
The same
When the presents
Were all open
We'd have carols
By the ocean
The children played
One child was me
And I still believe
That's how
It's meant to be
On Christmas eve
All around the world
Everybody's wishes
Are the same
For peace on Earth
It can happen
If we try
We all share
This dream
The same sky
Now that I'm
A mother Christmas
Has another kind
Of joy for me
Not receiving
To those
Who are in need
Is what
The season means
Our children see
Through you
And me
That's how
It's meant to be
So dream with me
Cause you and I
Are underneath
The same sky
The same sky

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