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As the daylight slowly fades away
His mind drifts to another day
Is this feeling an illusion
A reflection of confusion
Subconscious longing for something
I once knew?

Alone with his memories
He's left out in the cold
Thought spinning through his mind
All the answers left untold
And as the roses wither
And all lights fade away
He falls into a dreadful dream

Caught inside a dream
And what seems real
Above a sea of silvery glow
Everything's so calm
And strangely clear
He is caught inside a frozen dream

Silent voices echo through the night
Liquid shadows crawl to cover all the light
The spirit dance around him
He feels the wings of dream
Fading away as he descends
From the edge of the skies

It's endless, relentless
He's thrown into the dark
He feels it, he sees it
As the fear tears his soul apart
Silence the deadly violins of my symphony
And wake me from this dark and dreadful dream

Caught inside a dream
He cannot feel
Inside his heart is growing cold
Everything's so cold
Eyes filled with tears
He's lost inside a frozen dream

Someone wake me from this dream
Or I'm forever lost in this tragedy

A dream beyond reality
The picture's not quiet clear
He sees the light above him
Far beyond his reach
The shadows dance around him
And drain him from his strength
Consumed by the darkness
He is waiting for the end

Alone, he's forced to face his fears
Abandoned with the past
With every sullen tear
He knows the pain will last
The answers will remain untold
As his heart turns to stone
He'll never wake from this dream.

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