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Time Will Tell - text


Forever I´ll need just find an answer
I´m a afraid to learn this time I´m wrong
Into my dreams – I have a secret to find
I can´t deny all of them

And now, Hear me, time will tell
Into my dreams – There´s a secret inside
And I fear these long days without the sun
Into my dreams – There´s a secret to find
On my knees I´ll beg for love


But If you stop to shine forever
And the speech calls for the end
And do you feel ten thousands hopes?
I don´t need lessons
Only time will tell

Into my dreams – There´s a meaning inside
And I need to walk across the pain
Into my dreams – There´s a time to wake
In your eyes I´ll see the lies


Time is running out again
Time is passing
Maybe you´ve got someday

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