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Distant Horizons - text

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Far away
I´ll still believe in dreams
Never lose your hopes
When you´re alone (You´re not alone)
Far away
Don´t waste your life
Let me help your soul
When I´m close to you (You´re not alone)
There´s something more to say
and the distant horizons
Will rise a new day
For us all
The time is running out
For the lives we still can save
There´s a meaning to my life
Just give me a world to believe
I´m looking for someone
To relieve me from my pain
So many things that I can´t change
Together we will break all the chains
Don´t look back
In your miserable life
New day is coming for us
Feel your heart
Tomorrow I will follow the light
The storm is falling down
But someday the sun will shine
After the fall you’re gonna rise
Don’t be afraid to face your life

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