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The Faceless Shadow - text


Long is the way, the untrodden paths fade
As the dark regions of night evade my eyes
I wander with sorrow and pain beyond time
In a desert of frosst, blood snow and rime

Before our fall the land seemed beyond measure
The soil was rich with deep roots and life
Now by our hands it is, barren, near lifeless
Surrounded by oceans of Endless decay

We are but the swarm
Minds as one, we destroyed
What ages and eons have made
With the weakest of winds we are gone

Trasures of the night
Come to rest in my shaking hands
Light is reborn
Stars in the sky
Cast their glow on our path ahead
Away from the sea

Holding us back in the darkness of time
Night breaking us, giving us strength in the steepest of climbs
Hope saving us

I hold in my hands the shining star
Provider of all that we know
Now you will accept the light
Rejecting the faceless shadow

Once again the shadow comes
Deepest black, never defined
Faceless upon its throne and counting down
The days until we die
Trade the numb and deadened mind for all the savage
Thoughts we left behind
Pertinent to our order

And ablaze is the sky with new life
And shades of black and white
Follow the path into the night
Back to our home

So far away from my home
Under a thousand years of snow
Through the darkness and the light
Past the mountains high
With nothing to feel but the sorrow inside
Now we die

We travel beyond the stars
In dreams, far beyond what we are

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