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The frost
Frozen plains of despair
Forever lost
The air
Old as we wander
Through the glare

So this is how my story ends
Here in the twilight of our time
With the hope
The sun will rise
Lifting the fog clearing the sky
Before night

I am the one who searches for life
In the dark regions of night
Blood, snow, and ice

In the vast and empty expanse
The sun will rise
Into the night

Falling alone
Through the darkness and the light
Tragedy guides me
As I fall
Into the nightmares
Once a comfort
During sleep
A bittersweet melody divide
I'll see you in memory's eyes
Before I return to the tide

Sing a new summersong
And make it last
Before we're gone
Riding forever through the grey
Lost forever in time

The storm will bring the rain
Bit by bit
Melting the snow away
The winds of old
Sweeping air
Carry the scent of the spring
Across plains of despair

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