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Please provide the spark a ray of guiding light
I cannot find the path in endless night

The map I held decays
We're all infected
Growing, bending, breaking down
The sky

The light will blind us all
Seek the shade of somewhere else
Somewhere new
A cover light cannot get through
We thought it was the time
To make our way out from the dark
The steepest climb

We are all one
Under the shining sun
Cold and dark grip our minds
Until the ending of night
And a sign of its passing
We go
Back home
Past the dying stars
Light is gone til our eyes
Glimpse the ending of night
And our hope falls crashing

Please remind me there are brighter days ahead
I need to rewrite this bitter end
The blood is leaving these shattered hands
The snow has become
The red of the sun

The stars are falling down
Streaming through the endless night
One more time
Now we breathe our final sigh
In shadows we reside
Traitors of the darkened sky
A million suns will die

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