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Shattered Shores II: A New Beginning - text


Deep inside the heart of the frozen night
And in the midst of frost bound waves
We make our home

Tearing away
Breaking apart another hopeless day
Fields of grey in our eyes
Vision set in black and white

From the cliffs I see a coming storm
Grey clouds collect and descend in time
In accordance with the wearing of the waves
Rewrite this land and begin again

Existence in timeless night
Breaks me down
A disconnected mind in a world of ash
And flame
But now there is another way
Carry these long broken wings to resting
Far from the shattered shores
Of time

Are we here to watch the waves as they pass
To count away another day
Our lives on a track
Reconnect with something more
Dismiss despair and explore
Ever closer to the edge

Now all the hate inside comes rushing out
Forever alone on the journey home
A broken life pieced together once again
Lifting me up, from out of this endless hell

Paint the sky with flame
And burn this life away
A new beginning
Borne from the past's remains
Come night
The storm will bring the rain
To wash all the ash away
From chaos and an eternal night
Comes life

Before the end we see
This is not what we believe

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