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Frost of the Night - text


I can see the coming of the night
Closing in from the starry reaches of the sky
Silver light shines on our crumbling land
Frost of the night
Collects in my hands

The seeds of our future lie dormant in rime
All that once was is now frozen by time
Trust in the nightmare to keep us content
Icebound dreams
Darkness descends

Wish for the life we had before
Now desert and bare rock our home

Darkness, don't leave me we've grown so warm
In the absence of the light I was born
Others have spoke to the dawn's shining glow
And black feathered wings of the new-morning crow

Skies of grey
I am awake
Light my way
Beyond, the stars and the moon
Back to broken shores
A winding path
Through fields of snow
Lost so long ago

Lost long ago
Travel by the light of the moon

Trial by fire the dead of the night
The reflection of the flames infects my sight
Others have suffered the frost's biting cold
Forever we toil yet never grow old

We are gone
I am awake
Light my path
Beyond, the stars and the moon
Back to broken shores
I've lost my way
It shouldn't be hard in the snow
But my trail disappeared long ago

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