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The Raven's Return - text


Judgement time, the end is near, an ancient cry inciting fear
Is all your mortal soul can hear as you stare to the sky...
I am the one - divinity, encompassing all energy
No friend; but neither enemy, you'd dare to defy?

Fly on the rage of a storm, like the seasons of change
To be ever free again, through the ages and...
I am the angel reborn, prophecies will proclaim
One in unity again, by the ravens return...

I am the hunter stalking prey, enchanting eyes and wicked ways
Resistance, why... you'll surely pay, the next one in line
Into your mind I penetrate, with endless power - manipulate
I've taken aim and headed straight for you - now's the time

Here... sinner at the end, an inescapable demise...
You're paralysed with terror, powerless to try, you scream out "let my spirit die!"

Text přidala Moonscream

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