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Prisoner of Your World - text


I was alone - I could not see, I found myself in misery
That I could never understand
I was held captive in a bind, within the crossroads of your mind
But now I'm taking back command

Carrying on, keeping faith, riding on the wave into the storm
Standing strong, I won't break, but life could never be just like before
Now I'm a prisoner of your world...

You see the fear in my eyes, just like the well that never dries
My life will never be the same
A broken man is all you'll find, within my heart and in my mind
Can't stand to lose it all again

Too blind by what you have become to see the damage that you've done, until it's much
Too late to save
But if you look inside your mind, you'll see just what you left behind
The life you wasted all away

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