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Power Metal Supreme - text


Beyond the horizon, a new force is rising, that beckons the turn of the tide
The skies are ignited, no longer divided, when power and fury collide

A hope for man to believe in, come join the quest towards a brighter day
A revolution of reason, and you'll see what decides your destiny…

Power metal supreme, just like a dream
This world may not be what it seems
Warriors of the night, don't lose your sight
Cause you've got to fight for the right to believe...

Reject non believers the lies that they feed us
They never will lead us aside
The fire grows stronger, we'll find strength in numbers
They can't kill our hunger for life

So fight for what you believe in, become the fearless one among the crowd
Don't let them take away your freedom, stand your ground
Raise your voice - scream it aloud...

So live your life for tomorrow, don't be the one to waste another day
You choose the path the world shall follow, now you see you decide your destiny…

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