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I can't believe what you've done this time
You'd have the defiance to claim what is rightfully mine
Come after me - I'll turn you around
And soon you will find you are standing on unholy ground

You're dancing in flames while playing a game that I'll
Make sure you won't soon forget
I can read your hand by the size of your bet
It's nothing more than another empty threat

Filled with delusion, your ego resides
In lies and deception of which you can never deny
I see your illusion, I see your disguise
I'd leave you for ransom - you'd leave me to die

You cross me this time, it's the end of the line
And I won't be held back anymore
Committed the crime, well it's time to settle the score

And I know I'll find freedom someday
When the truth drives the darkness away
On this day I can feel years of sorrow falling down
I'll never give in, I'll fight til the end of it all

Nowhere to hide, still you try to run, but what will you do
When you find - that you've been outdone?
Blinded by pride, you think that you've won, but all I can see
Are the wisps from the smoke of your gun

You'll meet your demise, in a furnace of fire
Like you've never been through before
You may win the fight, but you better prepare for the war

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