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Conquer & Command - text


Breaking down the walls that bind us, to a world of brighter days
Another voice cries out, I sense a wind of change
Far beyond the dark horizon, from the ash; ignited flame
This storm did not divide us, no... it guides the way

Before then - I was on the road to nowhere, torment - dying to break away
Always - searching for the way to find the road to escape...

Conquer & Command, now feel the force upon the land
Beyond the dark lies freedom in the heart of every man
Conquer & Command, with strength and honour I will stand
Until we're free again, I will defend... never surrender til the end

Following the path to freedom, with conviction in our eyes
No bitter end, we've shed our skin and severed ties
Suffering but never beaten, and the dream is still alive
The blood still runs, the fire burns, it never dies

Forming - from the past a new frontier, calling - out for unity
Dawning - destined t'ward a future that I know I'll embrace...

Fallen - are the walls that were my prison, all in - reason to believe
Soaring - with the strength the power now I know supremacy...

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