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This is not the first time.
I have ruined everything that you have planned for me to be.
How many second chances do I deserve?

How many times.
Will I run away from you?
I seek answers to why I'm so lost.
What will these answers cost?
I can't you see your love. Can't feel your love.
I am so hollow.

How can one love me, with all that I've done?
How can one forgive me, with who I've become?
I know I was meant for more than this.
I know you gave me life for a purpose.
I'm done throwing my life away.
I'm done living life day by day.
God, I'll never understand.
Why you sent your only son.
To die for a piece of trash like me.

It should have been me.
It should have been me, why wasn't it?
You have saved me.
From the hell that I deserve.
There's blood on my hands but you still forgive me.
You still forgive me.
I deserve the worst please forgive me.
Even after all the things that I've done.
You still call me.
Your son.

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