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could it be all coincidence?
how did we get into this mess?
a natural flow of events
or a cruel scientific plan?

technocrats running governments
turning whole countries into big prison camps

bankrupted nations
hyper inflation
old order falling
and a new one to rise
who saw it coming
is this well deserved?

you say it's just incompetence
well, I don't share your confidence
intentions are good, you can tell
well, they still pave the way to hell

if they worked for the enemy
they would not do a thing a whole lot differently

we must hang together
or we'll hang all separately
evil can only triumph
if good men let it thrive

follow the orders
don't cross the borders
this is your new home
the big prison camp

learn to feel guilty
your life's not worthy
freedom got trampled
the state's in control

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