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Thunder and Rain - text


Out of darkness I come
it's all over, it's done
I walk this higher ground
stretching all around
Out of darkness in me
no harder place to be
destiny marked my name
no one left to blame

Take up this cross of yours
day after day
no matter what they say
you leave the world behind

Thunder and rain
just passing by we wish to see
a senseless world
what story would be told?
Sorrow and pain
like a bitter-tasting remedy
flow through your heart
while tearing it apart

I’ve been struggling for years
fighting thoughts, memories
locked out of the promised land
once it seemed at hand
But no longer a slave
been forgiven, forgave
soul's reaching for the sky
it's not meant to die

Take up this cross of yours
day after day
you take the lonesome way
braving your restless mind

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