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Something foul won't let go of me
A sinister possessing watching my every move

I hear its thoughts as it gets closer and closer peeling down each wall
The corners spill dark veins as I await my abduction, horrified

I can't escape it's forever with me designing my fatal outcome
Its clutch, its grasp
I'm permanently victim to this mass that refuses to let me close my eyes
I'm fucking terrified, I'll never have peace of mind

It's crawling under my skin
I am haunted

Follow me into expiration, these walls are closing in
I can't escape this paralyzed feeling
It's crawling under my skin

Victimized by sinister manipulation I am but a slave to the puppeteer
Controlling the thoughts inside of my fucking head

This malignant fiend is following
It's aroused by torturing me

This malignant fiend is following
It's aroused by watching me waste away
Forever fucked

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