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Extrinsic superficial overseers circumspectly cogitate
Examinations for a multitudinous expand of existence
Deliberating the appropriate moment to expose
Revelation of the greater species
Analyzing the imbecilic division
Incontestably asservates the ill considered simple minded
Kingdom stands at an elongated cessation in development

The ineffective duration forces the commencement of a preeminent reign to either ameliorate
The unavailing vale or liquidate for a greater direction
An incontrovertible ultimate chance to reassemble
Mankind in hopes to salvage the failed breed

Disembarking with intendment of pacification but
Greatly preponderate of the earth dwellers
In an immeasurable force
Upon the primordial visitation
The foreseeable reaction was extemporaneous and
Illogical with instant uncontrollable resentment and violence
Their continuation of existence was unquestionably expired
Illogical instant uncontrollable violence
Their continuation of existence was unquestionably expired
Termination and recommencing with the perspicacious
Had instantaneously been put into effect

The notoriously disappointing unintelligent earth
Has self-extinguished itself from the incapability of rationalization
We suffer from self-inflicted ignorance

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