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Inevitable Affliction - text

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Disfigured being impaired by malicious intent
Siphoning vitality from the masses
Subsiding death, inevitable affliction
Fissures collapsing pillars
Blessings of mortality
Destroying this pernicious barren
Flesh and torment have become one
Stripping the skies, desolation
Termination of the inferior species
Delivering a darker Dawn of endless pain
Condemned bastards falling towards the abyss
As we cease to exist
Crawling towards oblivion
Flesh and torment have become one
Stripping the skies and peeling the sun
Misery devours you delivering a darker dawn
Blood begins to boil
Your arteries wither
Rotting from the inside out
As your skin begins to blister
Cry for your savior for there will be no answer
Purging the infection
Plagued by damnation ridding a parasitic waste
A life of disgrace has been rightfully claimed
This relentless plague has cursed has damned all of humanity
Stripping your gift of life

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