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Hour Of Abhorrence - text

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We've ignored the signs of our termination for years constructing our own end
The whole world is at war
All authority has dissolved
Society has gone mad
Hiding our faces behind red hands
We're all guilty of this putrefaction in front of us
The riots spread from city to city
Crumbling from racism, greed, selfishness and injustice
This is the end of all humanity
Each and every one of us is guilty
So just sit back and realize we're all to blame
Watch our whole world rot
We should all be ashamed
We hold the debris of humanity in our fucking hands
It's too late for this damned creation
We brought the extermination of man upon ourselves
We should be ashamed
It's too fucking late for this mess
The whole planet has gone up in flames
Total destruction and chaos, the end of days
The atmosphere has been swallowed by darkness
Consumed in dead silence
Wiped clean of life
A desolate vale burning to extinction

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