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Anything - text


I'll do a bid lose a rib bust a cap trust in that run up in heaven doors to
trade my life in for yours leave a steak up out the door me costa sue costa
just remmeber to turn the lights on in the hall my brother from another pop
minus one shot we runing with g money man we all we got from the coop to the
stoop the big dudes stoping us from playing hoops in us getting mad throwing
rocks off the roof straight thuggin man thought we would never progress but
look at us now man shit we young excets my nigga big my nigga dam my nigga godi
we keep body for whats ever rigth for the world no matter how pretty she is you
never liking my girl thats how we run when you aint around i spank your son
give him a nine if you do die i keep him like mine god forbid you keep this in
mind my nigga

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