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Drink from Urd, and sing its song
Its mead of knowledge sweet and strong
The mists of time and port of call
The beginning and the end of all
Star borne lay with wives of men
Their daughters great with etin kin
Ancients seed the darken kind
To hang in silence nights all nine
The elder blood in fiery vein
Unleash the brood of Odin's fane
To trample southern kind asunder
And bring the light of distant thunder
Erect halls beyond the sea
To honour blood of Heimdall's three
Till the land of golden yield
To forge the steel and oaken shield
Drink and laugh o sons of high
Lay with maidens 'neath the sky
Forge the race of Northern kind
The fates of gods and men entwined
Great kingdoms rose in golden times
And mighty winds of northern skies
The winter frost of yearly time
Yield summer rain and warmth sublime
The god's gift came in flash of fire
A map of heaven to Asgard's spire
Black iron forged in Volund's name
Ancestral bond of blood and flame
And all shall point to northern star
Where lodestone guides from lands afar
Primordial home of gods and men
To never leave from mortal ken
When sudden earth and mountain split
And walls of ice from north emit
And nations fall and seas arise
A reign of fire from darkened skies
Boreal children scatter far
The high ones weep between the stars
For all they wrought, and all they forged
Fell deep within dark earthen gorge
To eternal lay in ice and snow
Held whispered runes in heathen glow
For those of kind, to find the same
The one-eye's secret throne to reign
And now lost children flee their bane
To time of old, the stone of flame
To fill the veins with ancient fire
Reshape the world on martyr's pyre

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Sailing the Seas of Fate

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