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Midwinter Sacrifice - text


Fallen king, no one sings, till the day you die,
Worthless breed, poisoned seed, of another's lie
Bond of blood, now undone, as your spirit cries
Raven's mead, Odin's seed, on the sacred pyre

Hypnotized, by the lies, of the hollow priest
Fed your kin, for their sins, to the southern beast
Darken skies, unseen eyes, look towards the east
spirit gone, by the dawn, as the ravens feast

Midwinter sacrifice!

Fallow fields, never yield, for the broken king
Barren womb, empty room, where no children sing
Harvest feast,wealth and peace, you will never bring
Frozen earth, shallow hearth, never see the spring

Northern home, One-Eye's throne, all that you defy
May the sun, burn your tongue, and your selfish lies
Bleeding king, fire's ring, will consume your cries
Weak or strong, never long, till your body dies

Midwinter sacrifice!

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