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Here we stand, at the shattered remains
of a beautiful, ordered world that once was
For when severed from the well-spring that breathes
life into a people... a nation...
And they whose thirst is slaked by the mirage of the modern world
cause the well itself to run dry

But only then will those with a true thirst,
a hunger for knowledge of a higher kind
Whose arms outstretch to the sky above,
and do not claw the earth below
Those who seek mysteries in higher realms will
breathe life into the well that once lay dormant

And rivers will gush forth, a spiritual wave,
whose ripples will be felt forward and backward in time
And its waves will lap against new shores,
and a people will once again gather,
to create new horizons, build new kingdoms,
forge new nations, from among the ruins of a lost world

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