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Whats the point with all of this?
My eyes held open with visual bliss
The utmost respect is given by gazing
All our surroundings your eyes are erasing

My eyes are opened wide staring right into yours
This worlds a giant castle and your eyes open the doors
To cross the mote of feelings and fight away the guards
Theirs a horse and carriage waiting and its all ours

All ours as your eyes lead the way though town
(The, way, through, town)
And the life we will lead will show everyone they're free
Show They're Free

Another broken silence
Another love will reign
Another crowd inspired to love and love again
We will show them all that this is really true
And we will set the benchmark just me and you

Me and you
As we both show that love is true
(That love is true)
As my eyes open wide you've shown me this side of life

You opened up my eyes

We have shown the world that love is true
And it makes you feel again
It makes, you live again
Love is special it is true
Well it is when its with you
Love is special it is true
Well it is when its with you

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