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When Nature Strikes - text

I dream I see you relaxing on the swing, practicing the strings of life
While you´re waving at me, completed with happiness within
Noticing the passion in your grin, so admirable, I sense
That any place with you is the real castle of a king
Imagening the things that we´d do together and I would share
My own story, so you wouldn't go adventuring unprepared
So you´d be aware whenever a message is engineered
And ask questions and not believe in everything that you hear
As all of this headline before me
Im looking forward to tellin another bedtime story
You´re still on the swing, maybe you didn't hear your papa call
Thats cool, Im not worried bout it, not at all
I proudly walk towards you, as Im making my way
Im magnetized by the sun that is bathing your face
Thinking that holding you would be the completion to the most amazing of days
But as I reach out for your hand, you start fading away

Wheather taking a risk or having saftety in sight
We never really know how the nature will strike
No matter what kind of moves you´re gonna make in your life
We never really know how the nature will strike
You might be hiding darkness or bathing in light, but
We never really know how the nature will strike
No, we never really know how the nature will strike
No, we never really know...

A scream in my brain, my eyes opened seeing bleeding and pain
Thought peace would remain, but woke up to the garden of eden in flames
Nervous as fuck, emergency rush
To the hospital, while tryin to wake my girl from the shock
Vision blurry, but being in such hurry, I ignored it
And found little stability in seeming to not worry
The idea of the whole thing just being a frivolous assumption
Was murked by a dizzyness erupting
Frustration intensified, when reaching the entrance
Pursuing the answer that would be relieving the tension
The bit of hope that still lived inside me was shortly evicted
As the doctor brought the news that was already predicted
You died before reaching this earth, along with my role as a father
And the harbour of the broken dreams and hurt
Had my relation ship leaving the dock, leaving me stuck
With a feeling of being cheated by luck
But life comes and so does the unpreventable rest
This ain't a song cry, this is a poetic accept
You´re just an idea that never shaped a real personality
Still I feel infected by the shredded dream of a family
The illusion of your person is kept in the distant
But since life is about creation of existence
I can't help but think about the role you´d have played in my life
But we never really know how the nature will strike

Text přidal CitronxD

Video přidal CitronxD

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