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Violent Rage ft Heavy Metal Kings - text

ILL BILL and Sicknature spit hatred
All these other cats are dick faces
I lift trains and throw 'em at airplanes
Spit flame - switch lanes - my fist make chins ache and my spit could even strip paint
I think great like Alexander
Stop you in your tracks like a fam of tarantulas crawling up your pants like they mad at ya
Crawl in ya mouth, try to spit em out, crawl in ya eyes
Immortalize, get the blow torch, cauterize
Torture minds, lord of lies, kingdom of truth
I sound like someone tossed a thermite grenade in the booth
Stomp ya head flat, penetrate ya brain with a boot, ya skull with ya teeth
Roll with thugs, vultures and creeps
Third eye wide open while your soldiers asleep
Burst nines watch ya whole team explode in the street
It's the code of the street
Here's an award
Fry the umpire
Live by the sword
You'll probably die by gunfire

My rap is like katanas, severing heads in a splatter
On beats colder than the era that buried the mammoth
Spit magma like volcanoes that erupt
And bring a divine pain like the hammer of Thor landed in your nuts
Smashing them to dust, when Bill & Paz is on the cut
You´ll feel like ya dived in a tub with a high voltage gadget while its plugged
If you´ll snooze on this heavy weight greatness, best stay awake then
Like having sexomnia next an AIDS patient
All that happy rapping is dead
My shit sounds like chopping off an entire kneck to play hackey sack with the head
Crucial rage music, with a mood that would slay cupid
I never kicked in the door, I bazooka´d my way through it
Me & Bill produced Seven for Army Of The Pharaohs
And threw these shit producers a party in the gallows
We´re an alliance that solidly silence the comedies
Spit is wild, a clear reflection of a violent society

I'm only here for the money dummy get it and leave
Ain't no second chances here you don't get a reprieve
You better off murkin yourself or catch a disease
Cause fuckin round with Vinnie you ain't destined to breath
So whether if it's violence or a question of peace
I don't give a muthafuck you getting fed to the beast
I use ya warm blood turn it from the bread to the yeast
Walk into the tabernacle take the head of a priest
I carry heavy shit let the thunderclapper blam
Like Mitch Blood Green beat in front of Dapper Dan
It's only darkness when you go for the assassins hand
Don't even speak to me without the use of proper gram
You a shook one pissin in ya dungarees
When you rhymin on stage it's only tumbleweeds
I'm a death stalker yall are fuckin bumblebees
You betta bacdafucup like you was Sonny Seez

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