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Chemical Disorder - text

Im from Cokenhagen,
Where the snow creation is sold as motivation
Where innoncent souls get taken
They grab the chance when it´s noticed, and flabbergast with the doses
Put avalanches in noses, till ambulances´re approaching
Misery needs distance, so misery means business
Nostrils open up when a blizzard is predicted
Now, if a snowstorm is destined to fail
They change the forescast and empty pill bottles, making it hail
Rich kids rush to quicken their heart´s nice pound
Night life´s in a snowglobe turned upside down
And though doc says stop, they´re still eager to proceed
Looking like G´s the way they wear handkerchiefs for their nosebleed
And some even need to fuck with drugs to get aroused
With oxes to cut it up, fuck calling Mr. Plow
It looks calm on the outside, but even the law is trending
Walkin out offices with jaws clenching (amongst the...)

Pill poppers turning all electrical and snorters
Caught up in a damn chemical disorder
Soon their happiness is depending on the drugs more
Caught up in this damn chemical disorder
And dealers just keep on pushing, pushing
Though you´re close the edge
They keep pushin, pushin
Cause they need doe for their rent
So they´re pushing, pushing
All caught up in a damn chemical disorder

So you think the streets are the only places to find a departure for pain
To startle ya brain, that leave u with the darkest of stains
The same doc that told you that drugs are bad for your heart
Will have a tablet that does an even more accurate job
Socalled experts are trained with blindness, gaining hazy knowledge
Healthy people get locked up in insane asylums
Where they feed em drugs, even shocking to the kane suppliers
Till their fuckin brains are frying, ain't nobody playin the violin
Human emotions are translated into disorders
And shortly after corporations engage in a harvest
Labels are put on kids, prescriptions are brought to the table
To stable made up conditions and fables
The damned system is fatal
Cash is generated when people´re feelin bad
The world is on drugs with a vaccine needle in its ass
And while the money is promptly moving
It is non fiction that we are all sleepwalking to drug music (with the...)

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