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Behind The Backdrop - text

Behind the facade
You´ll find the smile of the frauds
The love in disguise, the cries of the hard
Behind the facade
Is where the greed is topping the charts
And broken people try hiding their flaws
Behind the facade
Is where the blindness is applaud
Where the real villains try to be gods
Behind the facade
The backdrop is polished for ya´ll
To make it look like the happy planet is not a mirage

Skeletons on the catwalk, bones on the podium
Behind the backdrop, a broken utopia
Forced starvation to fit into the size of normality
To ride with the fantasy, of being the pride of the gallery
Or dig in, start the overeating when the pain is acting
Addictive food creates a fast food chain reaction
Trapped in a shell, where diseased reason sadly prevails
The least promoted food happens to be the least bad for your health
Flush it down with aspartam in a big cup and a poisoned smoothie
Though you know its dead wrong like splitting up in a horror movie
Or get an extra tv to get stuck in front of
That tries to further stupidity like retarded lovers
With madness involved, people will gladly be shot into space
With a christmas tree in their ass to be a reality star
Dick shrinking pills make u buff like the guys no babe avoids
Guess even insanity is on steroids... behind the facade!

The dark sides of humankind are eternally lurking
All it takes is a trigger to create a virtue reversal
To make the dirty version emerge behind the curtain, to birth the curses
Purge absurdities, smirking murderers and perverted vermins
Trust a few, even the images of your chick
Might burst, when you discover smurf villages on your dick
Easy acces is the new message
As technology evolves, soon we´ll have robot fuckbuddies that cook breakfast
So where´s the love in this bitch, we´re told what real harmony is
And people buy into all of this shit
Follow the rules or end in a bottomless pit
Said the priest of holyness with a fucking boner in front of a kid
We allow fuckers disguised in nice guy uniforms
To suck the planet dry like Unicron
Symphonies of destruction are playing, the oilpump action is fast
So rich dudes can bump banksta rap... behind the facade!

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Video přidal CitronxD

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