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Fly (Kosst Amojan Mix) - text


I do the same thing everyday
Hoping just to end this faze
I lay my rock down and everyone's shocked now
Oh it's just for rhythm's sake!
I take a nice girl out on the town
Maybe later I'll lay her down
Into my bed instead she said
"I don't think you're my type"

But at the moment it doesn't really matter who
It's nothing personal
Oh I never liked you anyway!

I just wanna fly out of this sky to anything
That I could find better than this

I'm lost and faded I could be permanently jaded
I'm tired, sore, I don't want this anymore
I'm bruised and broken my morter's been stolen
Again and again and again (And again we say)
I lye face down somewhere I can't be found
Hoping someone will pick me off the ground
I see much beauty in the world I'm sick of feeling so ugly

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