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Above The Treeline - text

I went out with Wolf tonight, I had so many worries on my mind
I was feeling lost, feeling confused, feeling afraid--I wanted to hide
But when I got home after work Wolf would not let me stay inside
So I put on my heavy coat and kerchief and closed the door behind us
I followed Wolf across the road,
he took a trail that leads up through the forest
I saw Wolf's shadow moving through the trees ahead of me
--don't go too fast Wolf
And finally we got to the other side
it was so still, it was so bright and clear
For there stretched before us
like a ballroom glove in the moonlight lay the snowfields
It was a starry night
And the snow had stopped falling
And I feel that I heard someone singing
Fly us to the moon
High above our upturned faces
Booming in the bright
Send some good things down on this earth tonight
Wolf ran out into the glittering fields
I stood and watched him from the treeline
The starry heavens danced down on the snow
then up again like gateways gathering
Then somehow I was out there with Wolf
I stared at him
he looked so different
Oh Wolf I can't stop laughing
but I feel somehow that everything is all right
I don't know how many miles
we traced across the snow--maybe a thousand
I followed Wolf in peace and I don't even know if we were breathing
And part of me never went home after that night
I think it stayed there
But it is in good care beneath the stars
above the fields of snow that stretch there

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